Critical Illness Insurance


Critical illness indemnification provides a lump sum tax free amount when you require it most to facilitate your financial burden. No one plans to be diagnosed with a perpetuated life threatening illness. Dealing with an illness is stressful enough emotionally, critical illness indemnification makes it more bearable financially. Infelicitously it can transpire to anyone even if you are salubrious. Let’s optically canvass the facts, 1 in 3 Canadians will develop a life threatening cancer. Many drugs utilized in the treatment of cancer are considered “experimental” and are not covered by your Provincial Healthcare Indemnification Plans. The average age of a
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Mortgage Insurance


When you apply for a mortgage with a bank, credit cumulation, trust company, or mortgage broker you are offered mortgage indemnification with your mortgage. The lender is required to offer you mortgage indemnification, but you are under no obligation to buy their group mortgage indemnification. You have the option to opt out of your lender’s mortgage group indemnification and purchase your own indemnification policy. The most affordable coverage is term life indemnification. Term life indemnification provides maximum bulwark at the lowest cost. Term life indemnification is best suited for one’s ephemeral indemnification needs like a mortgage. You withal have the
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Whole Life Insurance


Prior to 1980s the majority of indemnification companies in Canada where mutual life indemnification companies. By 2010 it was the antithesis, the majority of indemnification companies in Canada were stock indemnification companies. When indemnification companies dematerialized and went public their participating policy owners received shares in the indemnification company. Whole life indemnification policies pay a dividend. The track record of dividend payments by Canadian indemnification companies are impressive compared to ensured investments such as GIC’s or Regime Bonds. The jeopardy is dividend payments in whole life indemnification policies are not ensured. If there is an epidemic and the indemnification company
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